ASCEND Behavioral Healthcare

Chicago, IL


Create a professional yet comfortable and serene environment for patients and psychologists working on behavioral healthcare issues.


Utilizing muted colors, clean lined yet comfortable furnishings and beautiful landscape photography we provided an environment which is calming, inviting and soothing for patients to regain their sense of well-being and motivation.

Red Caffeine Marketing + Technology

Lombard, IL

The Challenge:

Develop a highly functional, motivating and energized space on a strict budget for employees and clients to create successful marketing & technology solutions.

Our Solution:

Reflecting the core values & vision of the company, collaborative spaces, private work coves and lively interiors were created using the existing vibrant corporate colors, whimsical details and modern furnishings.

Broadwind Energy Corporation

Cicero, IL

The Challenge:

Working with an abandoned office space adjoining the company’s factory facility, construct a global headquarters to entice international clients and 
retain corporate staff being relocated to an industrial area.

Our Solution:

Detailed space planning and workflow solutions were key to providing generous office spaces and multiple functional meeting areas for employees and clients to gather and collaborate, with rich streamlined interiors to contrast the industrial location.

Interior Design Offices

Chicago, Illinois

The Challenge:

From a small 380 square foot space, design an organized, functional and luxurious environment for creative collaboration and client interaction.

Our Solution: 

Clean, modern furnishings for optimal organization, built-in cabinetry & deep rich colors were used to set a mood for the creative process and to provide a sense of comfortable luxury cohesive with the vision of the interior design firm.